SEO Growth Hacking Tips and Techniques for 2020

If you want to sit at the top of the mountain and stand out among your competitors, then you are going definitely require a robust search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. The core aim of your SEO strategy is to make use of the correct tools, analysis and insights to help build your rank accordingly. There are many aspects of an SEO strategy that you need to consider, but in order to get the most out of search engine marketing will mean that you must use of latest SEO tips 2020.

Google has changed the way in which it ranks websites and it is continually changing, sometimes many times per day, therefore, keeping on top of the latest SEO growth hacking tips is vital to a successful SEO campaign. You need to make an effort to hit all of the SEO tips on point and make these SEO growth hacks work hard for you. Some are more intricate than others while there are those that are relatively easy to implement with the correct guidance.

SEO 2020 is changing constantly, make sure you keep up with this ever-changing landscape by making the most of these SEO techniques. Getting ranked highly takes the correct balance and the right kind of expertise and guidance but if you get it right, then you can really start to make progress and watch your website begin to climb the rankings.


Mobile-First Indexing - Changing of Design Landscape from Desktop to Mobile

Mobile First Indexing

One of the most critical SEO techniques that needs considering is making sure that your website is mobile friendly. It is now more important than ever before because Google now uses the mobile version of your page for indexing and ranking your website. Therefore, this is one of those SEO growth hacks that you need to take notice of.

If your website is not mobile friendly, then you are seriously losing the  SEO race. However, it goes deeper than that. It is not just about killing it on a mobile level, Google now wants to keep your mobile and desktop versions looking and behaving correctly because there is a single index for both. Adopting a ‘mobile first’ approach is ultra important because Google will consider these sites first.

There are so many sites that ‘sort of’ work on smart devices but the word work is used very loosely. This is because they might display on a mobile device but they are nothing more than a pain to use. They are slow, unresponsive and difficult to see. The aim is to provide an experience that emulates that of a desktop device but in a mobile-friendly way. So, text has to be resized, menus have to be easily accessible and clickable and images need to be optimised and resized accordingly. If people are finding it difficult to use your site on a mobile device then they are going to look elsewhere. Mobile versions are a primary source for Google when it comes to rankings, making this a top SEO tip in 2020 that you need to get actioned today.

SEO Growth Hacking Tips and Techniques for 2020

Google Crawling & Crawl Budget Optimisation

A crawl budget relates to the number of pages that Google will crawl on your site at any given time. This can be changed from day to day but on the whole, it is in a number that remains relatively stable and consistent. The number of pages it crawls is known as your budget and it is influenced by the health of your site as well as its size. Therefore, in order to include crawl budget optimisation as part of your SEO strategy, what should you do to improve the number of pages that Google can crawl?

The first way to get more pages crawled is to ensure that the pages return the correct codes. These are codes 200 which means OK or 301 which simply means to ‘go here instead’. To identify this, you will be required to take a look at the server logs for your site. Google Analytics and all other statistics software will only track those pages that returned a 200 and that means that you won’t find any errors.

Another one of the top SEO growth hacking tips of 2020 is to block off certain sections of your site to crawlers. These are sections that don’t necessarily need to be included in the Google search listings. For larger sites, in particular, they have a way of filtering so many areas of their website but with that can come new URLs. Therefore, you need to make sure that Google is only seeing a couple of those filters and not every single one.

UI (User Interface) and UX
(User Experience) is the Key

SEO Growth Hacking Tips and Techniques for 2020

When it comes to SEO growth hacking, one of the more prominent ones is to ensure that your UI and UX are right. These are vital to the future of SEO and one of those SEO tips for 2020 that you need to take seriously.

The UI has to be simple and effective and therefore, it must meet web content accessibility guidelines, which is something that stands true for UX. It has been mentioned already but within this, you will also need to consider a responsive mobile design that has the same links and content, while you will need to make sure that it is responsive because that is really important when it comes to SEO techniques. Google also likes to see a Call to Action (CTA). Many sites miss this but if users find it difficult to react to what you are offering them such as a product they want to purchase then Google is going to know about it and that is why a CTA is important to have.

Media is another crucial piece of the SEO Growth Hacking puzzle because you should consider whether you are offering a varied mix of media types, including images and videos located in different forms of content on your page.

The page speed is vital because it as to deliver what your viewers want or need in a matter of seconds. Any whitehat SEO specialist will tell you just how crucial it is to compress images, use reliable hosting and constantly checking the page speed.

To try and get ahead of the game and any future changes that Google decide to implement, you should consider voice search. This is something that is already gaining a lot of momentum but it is indicating that a huge shift is being experienced from results to answers as users look to go on a conversational search journey. Throughout 2020 and beyond, this will become more important because the changes are already being seen. 

TF-IDF and Latent Semantic Indexing

LSI keywords

Google is always on the lookout for the most relevant and in-depth content when users submit a query. When it comes to websites, there are billions of them and so, sometimes, Google cannot always tell what content a page might contain. Therefore, it has chosen to begin rewarding those sites that include relevant LSI keywords with higher rankings and more traffic making this one of the top SEO growth hacking tips 2020. The benefits do not stop there, however, because accurate categorisation helps users, publishers and search engine marketing experts.

For publishers, it makes it possible for them to enhance engagement as content that is driven by LSI is more targeted and will ensure that it finds the right audience. Users searching will be able to find the content they want quickly and that is always a bonus, especially when you want them to find your content first.

Google determines the quality of content through TF-IDF. It bases its findings on what it believes a detailed piece of content will contain. As a result, when it comes to on-page SEO 2020, SEO’s and those who create content can use this to identify gaps in their content based on that content that is currently being ranked in the top 10 results. It is also possible to use this when new content is being created, enabling it to be ranked higher at a faster rate.

SEO Growth Hacking With Content Marketing

content marketing

Content is king as they say and that is why this is one of the evergreen SEO growth hacking tips that needs to be noticed. Google now puts a huge emphasis on evaluating the quality of content while measuring the depth and breadth of content on a website. Therefore, Google rewards those sites that offer exceptional in-depth experiences for the user. Google is continually making changes to its algorithms and that makes it even more important for you to include it as one one of your SEO growth hacking tip.

So, the aim is to create content that effectively solves a problem or motivates users to do something while also connecting with people. If you can use content to obtain a lead, create a sale, answer a query or assist with SEO then you are on the right tracks. This kind of content will require specific research so that you can identify the solution to the problem that people are faced with, ensuring that you provide something meaningful. What you want to avoid is creating a piece of content just for SEO purposes because that will no be able to compete with something that looks, reads and behaves in a more organic way.

There is no denying that Google still looks at content in a traditional way, looking for SEO but it is worth remembering that Google is smart. So it is not just content that is measured because the context of it has now come into focus. Just remember that the aim of Google is to present users with the best result and often that result is not a piece of content that is stuffed with keywords. So, the best pages offer in-depth content where a searcher can find all that they need in one place.

Along with this, content is not just about written content because visual content is gathering momentum and it is now a vital part of the entire search process. As 2020 begins, visual content is going to become a trend that continues to grow, so more video content should be created especially embeddable images. 

Increase E.A.T

Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness

SEO Growth Hacking Tips and Techniques for 2020

Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT) form part of Google’s search quality rating guidelines and this is something that is continuing to carry more weight. Therefore, it is important to make use of expert guidance where they can leverage data from entities that are known while also ensuring that credentials and credit are provided to both. 

If you can get more people within your business or those who contribute to your site to blog, speak and write, it is possible to turn your brand and business into the place that people go to to find what they want. This is where EAT can really make a difference when it comes to Google. A high level of expertise is what Google is looking for when it comes to providing searchers with credible, useable results.

SEO Growth Hacking Tips and Techniques for 2020

Offpage SEO Growth Hacking Technique **Bonus TIP**

If a competitors site is ranking better than yours, then it won’t hurt to try and replicate their backlink structure. There are tools out there that make it possible for you to identify which sites are linking to your competitors. This is where you can begin to make a start.

Of course, if your competitor is attracting new backlinks on a regular basis then you are going to want to keep up with this. You can achieve this by using software that gives you specific alerts.  So, if your competitor is achieving thousands of backlinks each week, you are not going to be able to go through them all. Therefore, it is worth setting up alerts for specific URLs.

Finally as an offpage SEO growth hacking tip, you can look for any broken links and take advantage of them. If you find broken links then you can replicate the content and then make use of those broken links by making them yours.


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