does your website correctly represent your brand and is it working hard for your business?

Your website is your online shopfront and therefore it really needs to work hard for your business and deliver the amazing leads that you deserve! Kargo Design has the knowledge and expertise to guide you along the correct path and in turn craft a website design that not only generates new customers, but your business can be really proud of!


You only have a matter of seconds to capture the attention of your target audience before they move on to the next competitor in your niche! Potential customers expect to find what they want as near to instantly as possible, which means that your website has to look slick and be built on a solid foundation… It must be mobile responsive and needs to be built with search engine optimisation in mind. This will stand you apart from the competition and will get you converting more leads.

Fortunately we have a vast knowledge of design techniques, conversion optimisation tactics, and how to create a user experience that blows your visitors away. There is a skill and an understanding that is required to create impressive websites and this is where we excel. We are digital marketing experts and we know exactly what it takes to get you great results which convert.


In today's mobile age it is vital that your website looks amazing and performs across any device. At Kargo Design we only build top quality, fully responsive websites which adapt to any device or platform, therefore making it easy for your audience to interact with your business in a way that gets awesome results.


Your online store is your shop window on the internet and is the first impression of your business provided to your audience, therefore it is vital that your website works in the way it should. We create eCommerce solutions which not only look great but more importantly drive sales and increase your profits.


A sales funnel will allow you to build quality leads and nurture them into customers slowly over time. Put simply it'll provide your business with an automated sales process for converting the modern consumers of today. Its a virtual sales team weeding out ill-fitting customers and highlighting those ready to take action.
As a business we believe that knowledge is key. In order to follow an industry standard approach which has been proven by hundreds of digital agencies, Kargo Design has completed the certification of Digital Business Consultant through the WP Elevation Blueprint course.
WordPress Webdesign Certified Consultants
WP Elevation is a global business mastermind group for WordPress consultants that helps its members better serve their clients through communication, development workflow and project management best practices. WP Elevation gives its members access to ongoing education and a community of peers…


Through creating valuable and meaningful relationships with our clients, we can ensure that we reach into the heartbeat of your business. We gain an in-depth understanding of exactly what it is that you require, thus enabling us to put the correct strategies in place to deliver tangible results.Whether your current site just isn’t getting the conversions that you would expect or you require a completely new website to push your business forward, then look no further!

Website Design that Appeals to the Right Audience

The success of your business is underpinned by your website. You own that space on the World Wide Web and therefore you have to make it count. All of your strategies will come together, creating that central point where you turn leads into conversions, and all of this takes place at your website so it needs to be correct!

We love nothing more than creating captivating and aesthetically pleasing websites which positively impact your brand. Your new website will reflect you and your business in the correct way to your target audience, and therefore increase conversions.



PRIMARY GOAL: The primary goal for this project was to fully optimise the on-site and off-site elements in order to increase its organic traffic, keywords rankings and ensuring the generation of highly focussed lead conversions through form submissions.
SECONDARY GOAL: The secondary goal for the project was to improve the brand popularity, the User Interface design (UI) and the User Experience (UX) of the website. The overall design and content was not reflecting the brands identity and product focus correctly and therefore required some extensive updates in order to make everything gel.

STRATEGY: We decided that the website required a complete overhaul of both the design and the content. Using WordPress and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) techniques, we identified that there was a significant requirement to increase the brand popularity by promoting informative blog posts, infographics and organic SEO techniques.

Please see the before and after image to see how we put the strategy into action. The digital marketing case study can be found in the Search Engine Optimisation section.

Before After


PRIMARY GOAL: After a change within the leadership Compton C of E Primary School asked us to help them with a plan to completely overhaul the existing school website which was tired looking and limiting in features. It needed to reflect the schools new brand identity, colour scheme and ethos. The website needed to follow the guidelines and requirements outlined by Ofsted, be simple to navigate and be a hub for parents and perspective parents looking for key information about the school.
SECONDARY GOAL: The secondary goal for the new website was ultimately to promote this outstanding school, their excellent teaching methods and exciting opportunities for the children attending the school. It had to represent the schools strong branding and their Christian ethos and links to the local Church.

STRATEGY: We developed a strong strategy for the website by initially spending time with the key members of staff, discussing their vision for the website, features they thought could be beneficial, how the navigation should work, the branding outlines and looking over other school websites nationwide to discuss the positives and negatives of each. We focussed not only on mainstream schools but also private schools in order to broaden our approach. We decided to build a completely bespoke site to achieve the desired layout and navigation elements. With full control over every element of the website we were able to build a site which not only achieves the project brief but is also is future proof, and will grow with the school for many years to come.

Please see the before and after image to see how we put the strategy into action. The digital marketing case study can be found in the Search Engine Optimisation section.

Before After

Website RE-MODEL TO better reflect branding and direction

PRIMARY GOAL: The Bishop decided that the existing website was looking tired and was no longer reflecting his work and vision correctly. The brand identity was also not reflecting of their stationary colour scheme and he felt that it was causing confusion.
SECONDARY GOAL: Our secondary goal was to improve brand popularity and the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of the website.

STRATEGY: We spent time discussing the project with the Bishop and his staff to establish a clear direction and strategy for the new website. We found early on that a concise and clean website structure was important with a large priority on reinforcing the Bishop’s brand. We achieved this by focussing on the Church of England colour scheme and fonts to build a multi level size with well zoned and defined sections, making it clear to read. Each page had a defined role which needed to be simplified from the existing site. We reduced the number of pages and developed tabbed sections to ensure that navigation was simplified across the entire website without diluting the message and key information. The completed site flows well, represents the brand effectively and achieves the project brief well with the addition of a future proof platform to build upon.

Please see the before and after image to see how we put the strategy into action. The digital marketing case study can be found in the Search Engine Optimisation section.

Before After

Is Your Website Failing in Several Areas?

Badly designed? Failing to target the right audience? Whatever the problem is our team are a committed bunch. Our passion for great web design drives us on and helps us to get results. We go above and beyond to ensure that we help you attract quality traffic which means that amazing new customers can find your business!

We believe in innovation and we are constantly seeking and developing new and exciting ways to put your business out there. From our vast experience of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Google Ads, Email Marketing, Lead Genreation Systems and a whole host of other marketing techniques, we will definately have you covered. 

Our Website Design service covers every angle and every requirement, which is why we are perfect Digital Marketing Agency for your business.

A Fresh New Look or a Something completely New?

There is nothing that we love more than to get our teeth into a new project and delivering the results that our clients deserve. We love working with passionate businesses that are always motivated by a new challenge while seeking ways to be different. If that is your business, then we are the perfect fit for you!

If your website is outdated, then don’t let it put your hard work to waste. We will work closely with you, ensuring that your website showcases your business in the correct way.

Every business is driven by leads and sales, and so, we ensure that when potential customers find your webiste, it immediately captures their attention, sells your product or service and leaves them wanting to either work with or buy from you!

Why Choose Kargo Design?

Your website is a crucial marketing tool. In fact, it is probably the most important marketing tool you own as a business. We get it…

This is why we put every effort into designing superb websites that capture your audience and guide them into taking that all important next step. To achieve this, we make sure that we learn all about your business and goals. This is why we work closely with you and show you that we care about everything that we do.

Check out our business values and see what we are about!

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